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Measuring power consumption

The power consumption numbers that we show on WattDoesItUse are taken from multiple resources, including manufacturer specs and measuring the power consumption of the device. The most accurate way to get the power consumption of your devices is to measure it at the source. Below are steps of how to measure the power consumption of your devices.

1) Get a power consumption meter

Before you can start measuring power consumption, you need to get a tool that will measure the power consumption of your device. The tool plugs into your electrical outlet and then you plug the device into the tool.

Here are some sample tools which you can purchase on Amazon:


2) Measuring with power consumption meter

Once you have a device to measure power consumption, there are a couple of ways that you can measure the power consumption. First, plug the tool into the outlet and then plug the device that you want to measure into the tool. Most of the tools have a built in power consumption calculator where you can enter the cost for kWh from your electricity company and it will tell you the cost (like how we show on WattDoesItUse). There is usually the ability to see power consumption in real time, which will allow you to play with settings on the device and see how you can reduce the power consumption.

3) Share your results

Once you have measured the power consumption of your device, share your results with us! Feel free to contact us with the manufacture, model number, and watts of the device that you measured.