Real time energy consumption data delivered to your smart phone sounds too good to be true, right? Well that is exactly what you get with Wattvision. I got to chat with Savraj Singh, founder of Wattvision, about the inspiration around his company and features of the service. Wattvision energy consumption monitoring

Wattvision provides a device that you attach to your electricity meter, which then gathers your energy consumption data in real time and displays it for you through their site or through a smartphone. Thousands of people leverage Wattvision to monitor not only their household energy consumption, but also to monitor solar panel performance.

If you already have a smart meter, or an add on like Rainforest, then you can send that data directly to Wattvision for more robust analysis and better accessibility to the data. Wattvision also ties into home automation systems like SmartThings so that you can turn off devices from your smartphone and immediately see the impact on your energy consumption.

As Savraj highlighted, “You can’t improve something without measuring it.” You can start measuring and improving your energy consumption by purchasing WattVision on Amazon or on their site.