We just added a new feature to your dream home. Pretty soon you’ll be able to charge your electric car directly from your solar-powered home. Princeton Power Systems and NRG eVgo, two major electric charging companies are partnering to create the technology for the Orange County Team’s entrance into the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. Both companies are donating their time and products to the team which displayed its project at the Great Park in Irvine, CA from Oct 8 – 18.

CertainTeed Apollo II

The technology is brand new, and allows electric vehicles to charge from a home’s solar output. The conversion process reduces power losses by 50% while maximizing efficiency. Plus, the system allows unused power to flow back into the home or into the grid when not needed. Have you added this to your future home’s checklist yet?

Princeton Power Systems has partnered with US Armed Forces to create electric charging systems for the Los Angeles Air Force Base. The systems allow bidirectional charging of vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf, meaning that power can flow from the charging system into the vehicle and vice versa. The Leaf’s battery can then be used as an energy backup for the base as needed. With the rapid development speed for electric charging technology, pretty soon this might be a feature for every home, not just your dream one.

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