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Energy conversation is a powerful way for you to reduce electricity consumption and save money on your utility bill.
This mission of WATTDOESITUSE is to provide transparency in Product power consumption and beyond. For that reason, we have provided below a brief disclaimer & affiliate disclosure.

The information provided in or through this Website is for educational and informational purposes. Its mission is to empower you to purchase energy efficient appliances and devices that will exceed the demands of your everyday life and empower you to save money.

Affiliate Disclosure

In compliance with the FTC’s guidelines, please assume that some (but not all) of the links and on WattDoesItUse are affiliate links.

What Is An Affiliate Link?

An affiliate link uses a special tracking code so we receive a small commission if you click through and purchase a product to save energy and money. The price of the item is the same for you whether it is an affiliate link or not. Using affiliate links helps us maintain the site and provide free content that helps you save energy and money.

In Which Affiliate Programs Does WattDoesItUse Participate?

WattDoesItUse participates in the following affiliate programs:

  • Amazon Services LLC Associates Program: This affiliate advertising program provides a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon.com, endless.com, MYHABIT.com, SmallParts.com, or AmazonWireless.com. Pages on this site may include affiliate links to Amazon and its affiliate sites.
  • eBay Partner Network: This affiliate marketing program provides a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to eBay. Pages on this site may include affiliate links to eBay.
What Is The Nature Of WattDoesItUse Affiliate Relationships?

Please note that while we recommend products and vendors, we do not control these companies or have financial interest in them other than an affiliate relationship unless otherwise disclosed. For this reason, we cannot ensure that any item purchased through a link on WattDoesItUse is shipped on time, packaged properly, or that you will personally like it. Any problems or concerns with a specific product purchased through a link on this website should be directed to the company from which the product was purchased.

When Do We Use Affiliate Links?

Any affiliate links posted on WattDoesItUse and/or The WattDoesItUse Blog connect readers to products that we personally use, sold through reliable vendors that we trust. We would recommend these products and vendors, even without an affiliate link.

Our first priority is always providing valuable information and resources to help you improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your electricity consumption. We will only ever link to products, resources, and vendors (affiliate or otherwise) that fit within this mission.

At present, we do not allow ads on WattDoesItUse, so clicking on any links to non-affiliate external sites or to posts within the site will not earn us commissions in any way.

What About Testimonials?

Any testimonials included on WattDoesItUse are of actual clients and results they personally achieved. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results. We use these testimonials to represent what is possible and include them for illustrative purposes only. 

Disclaimer: Energy & Financial Saving Guarantees

Our role is to support and assist you in reaching your energy and financial saving goals. However, your success primarily comes down to your product selection, effort, motivation, commitment and follow-through. I cannot predict and I do not guarantee that you will attain a particular result, and you accept and understand that results differ for each individual. Each individual’s results depend on his or her situation, dedication, desire, motivation, actions, and numerous other factors. You fully agree that there are no guarantees as to the specific outcome or results you can expect from using the information you receive on or through WattDoesItUse.

Disclaimer: Errors, Omissions & Warranties

While we put our blood, sweat, and tears into providing the very best product and energy-saving information through WattDoesItUse, we make no warranties related to the performance of operation of the Website. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the information, content, materials, programs, products, or services included on our through the Website. To the full extent permissible by applicable law, we disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of information shared on this Website, the information may inadvertently contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. You agree that we are not responsible for the views, opinions, or accuracy of facts referenced on or through the Website, or of those of any other individual or company affiliated with WattDoesItUse in any way. Because scientific, technology, and business practices are constantly evolving, you agree that we are not responsible for the accuracy of the Website or for any errors or omissions that may occur.

Limitation of Liability

While WattDoesItUse provides information about the cost savings associated with products’ power consumption, we are not accountants or financial advisors, nor are we claiming to be. The information contained in this Website is not intended to be a substitute financial advice that can be provided by your financial advisor. Although care has been taken in preparing the information provided to you, we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions, and we accept no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage you may incur. Always seek financial and/or legal counsel relating to your specific circumstances as needed for any and all questions and concerns that you have now or may have in the future. You agree that the information on our Website is not financial advice.

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