Despite our best efforts, there isn’t any question that we live in a wasteful society. We have a tendency to buy things and eventually throw them away. Thankfully, we are becoming more accustomed to the concept of recycling for a wide variety of products. One way to significantly reduce our carbon footprint is through making a global effort to decrease ink cartridge trash. Millions of ink cartridges end up in landfills, and it takes 3,000 tons of plastic several hundred years to degenerate. Well, enter the Epson EcoTank Supertank Printer line. Under its new EcoTank brand, Epson has unveiled five all-in-one color printers with the remarkable feature of large ink reservoirs. They are called “Supertank” because they come loaded with enough ink to last up to two years worth of prints without having to replace the cartridges.

Detoxify the environment

When ink cartridges get sent to landfills, they don’t just sit there–they actually interact with the environment. To illustrate, wildlife can mistake plastics for food. In addition, plastic can destroy their natural habitats. Water can also get contaminated from the ink, and it can poison the soil–thereby destroying the ecosystem for generations. For the earth to survive, this trajectory needs to stop. That is why the Epson EcoTank Supertank line offers a breath of fresh air. Only a small percentage of ink cartridges are recycled. Imagine not having to replace a cartridge for two years.

Epson EcoTank

Enjoy cost savings

Around 90 percent of the pages printed in the United States are printed in black-and-white. Part of the reason is the cost of color cartridges. With the EcoTank Supertank line, you can use your cartridges for 24 months. After that, replacement ink only costs  $12.99 per bottle, or $52 per set of bottles. Moreover, a standard home printer would need around 20 sets of cartridges to print the same number of pages you could print with the EcoTank printer.

Barbara Richards, senior consultant of InfoTrends said “Epson’s EcoTank launch represents a sea change in today’s printer market. Establishing a new printer category – Supertank – Epson is positioning itself for significant market expansion. The appeal of low-cost, hassle-free color printing in business and in the home has potential to capture a significant share of the market.” Plus, the five models were made for every situation, from the home to a small-to-medium business.

Use the latest in printing technology

The Epson EcoTank line comes in five models. Click on any of the models to learn more about the power consumption and to purchase:

Pricing ranges from around $379 MSRP to about $1,199 MSRP. All of the models offer a two-year limited warranty, with registration, and have built-in wireless so that you can conveniently print from your tablet or smartphone. The Expression ET-2500 EcoTank All-in-One lets you print up to 4,000 black and 6,500 color pages, with a 100-sheet paper capacity.

On the other hand, the WorkForce Pro WF-R4640 EcoTank lets you print up to up to 20,000 black and 20,000 color pages, with a 580-sheet capacity. As you can see, there is a model for everyone that maximizes printing and ink cartridge efficiency.

Not having to continuously buy new cartridges means there is one less cartridge headed for a landfill. By using a printer with technology to help better protect the environment, we all win.