April 22 is Earth Day. This day is a reminder to keep the Earth’s best interest always in mind. Below are some ways that you can say thank you to the Earth for everything it provides us:

  • Pick up trash that you see on the ground and put it in a trash can
  • Go to a local park/beach and pick up trash you see there
  • Unplug devices/turn off lights when not being used
  • Turn off all lights at night and appreciate the night sky
  • Recycle any items that can be recycled
  • Learn more about earth day (External link to Apple’s Earth Day page)
  • Go for a nature walk and take time to appreciate all the Earth offers
  • Donate money to Earth Day Organization (External Link to Earthday.org)
  • Plant a tree

There are numerous other ways to show the Earth your appreciation. Share your ideas in the comments below.