I was able to see and experience a lot of great products while at CES 2016. Here are some of the companies that stood out:

GenZe – I mentioned GenZe in a previous post, but I got a chance to test drive their electric scooter. It was a lot of fun and they definitely developed the scooter to adapt to all types of living conditions. The GenZe recently had a launch event in Oakland which included a welcome speech by Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. You can learn more about the cost to charge a GenZe on the WattDoesItUse page. You can buy a GenZe from their website.GenZe Scooter Ride

Tesloop – Tesloop is a city to city chauffeured transportation service using Tesla electric vehicles. Their current routes are between Orange County and Las Vegas, but will soon be expanding to support other southern California cities like San Diego and Palm Springs. This was the first time that I got to ride in a Tesla which was exciting, but it didn’t distract me from the great business model that Tesloop has in place. By using Teslas for their fleet, they get the benefits of free charging which ultimately cuts down on their fuel expense along with laying an infrastructure that in the future can leverage the autonomous driving features that Tesla is continually rolling out. Keep an eye on Tesloop not only for expansion, but also to have Teslas with the most mileage on them. I’m excited to learn more about the long term durability of the Tesla, which would add additional value to buying an electric vehicle. Learn more about the cost to run Electric Cars like the Tesla. You can schedule your next trip on their website.

WakaWaka – WakaWaka, which means Shine Bright in Swahili, sells solar powered LED lights rooted in a mission to provide light to developing countries. A lot of people don’t have easy access to electricity, so they have to use kerosene lamps for light at night. Besides being expensive, kerosene lamps are also dangerous and account for 1.5 million deaths every year1.  When you purchase a WakaWaka light, or Power+ which charges a cell phone in 2 hours, WakaWaka will donate the same device to a developing country to reduce the use of kerosene lamps. The WakaWaka Light and Power+ have been added to the Alternative Energy category on WattDoesItUse.  You can learn more and purchase a WakaWaka on their website.WakaWaka Share the Sun

AMPY MOVE – AMPY MOVE is a battery pack that recharges while you move. It has connectivity with other exercise trackers so that you are encouraged to be active not only for the betterment of your health, but also for your devices. You can purchase an AMPY MOVE on their website.

Ossia Cota – Ossia announced Cota, a wireless charging solution for your electronics. The device sits in your home and can wirelessly charge a device up to 30 feet away. With the announcement of their wireless charging system, they are also announcing AA batteries that you can add to your existing devices so that they can get the benefit of wireless charging. These batteries are different from your typical AA as they have a longer life because of their composition. They don’t need to have a long life between charges since they are always being charged.  The devices are connected to a mobile app where you can see the status of their charging and control how fast they are charged. Hatem Zeine, the CEO of Ossia, talked about the multiple applications where this will be useful with one of the most beneficial for consumers being IoT devices since each sensor requires power and houses are adding 10s if not 100s of these sensors to aid in multiple aspects of life. Once you have the sensors in place, the last thing you want to do is change their batteries which is not only painful but costly financially and to the environment with the battery waste. You can learn more about Ossia Cota and their other products on their website.

CES 2016 was a great event and appreciate all of the time and energy that the Consumer Technology Association put into accommodating press and the vendors. Looking forward to future shows.