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Month: December 2015

Look Up Smart Home Hub Power Consumption

In preparation for CES 2016, I’ve added a new category to WattDoesItUse: Smart Home Hubs. I’ve added a couple of hubs smanos and will be adding more when I attend CES 2016. If you have a company that has a Smart Home Hub, please contact me with the power consumption information so I can add it to my site. 

Looking forward to attending CES 2016 and adding more products to the WattDoesItUse database. 

2 Birds, 1 Stone: helping veterans by charging your electric vehicle

Whenever I am out running errands in my Nissan Leaf, I like to look for electric vehicle charging parking spots, as it allows me to top off my car while shopping. This morning, I came upon an interesting setup at the Westfield Mission Valley Mall.  It was an electric vehicle charging station that had solar panels as the source for energy. I’ve seen the large solar arrays that then feed into EV charging, but never one that was a stand-alone single parking spot. The charger is called the EV Arc, and it is made by Envision Solar.

Envision Solar Electric Vehicle Charging

This setup already had me hooked, but it gets even better. The charging is free in exchange for a donation to The Honor Foundation, which provides executive education, professional development, career coaching, and transition management to US Special Operations Forces. You charge under the honor system, so when I got home, I jumped online and made my donation in exchange for the solar powered infusion in my car.

This was made possible through Envision Solar and Westfield Malls, and I believe this is an excellent benefit across the board:

  • Help the environment by driving electric cars and charging using solar
  • Help Veterans

I’d love to see more innovative promotional programs like this, but in the interim, well done Envision Solar and Westfield Malls.

You can read more about this on the Envision Solar website.

Look Up Power Consumption For Your Network Switches

Now you can find out with our newly added category: Network Switches. We’ve added hundreds of network switches along with their power consumption so that you can calculate how much they cost to run.

Don’t see a network switch that you own or are interested in? Request it!

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