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Month: July 2015

Look Up Heater Power Consumption

Which heater will save you the most money this winter? Now you can find out!

Watt Does It Use will show you the most efficient options with our new category: Heaters! You can now see the power consumption for your room heaters. Heaters, like air conditioners, are notoriously big power consumers, so now is a good time to audit the heaters that you have before needing to use them in the winter.

We are starting with just a few heaters, but if you can’t find the one you own, please fill out our Request Device Power Consumption form, and we’ll find it for you.

EnerGuide vs ENERGY STAR: why are the numbers different?

For WattDoesItUse visitors that live in Canada, you have an energy rating system called EnerGuide. This is a similar program to ENERGY STAR, which exists in the United States.

We’ve had a visitors reach out asking why the same model showed a higher annual kWh rate on EnerGuide; whereas, on ENERGY STAR it showed less.EnerGuide vs ENERGY STAR

The reason why is that EnerGuide uses a different estimate for usage than ENERGY STAR. For the specific example in question, the visitor was looking for the power consumption of a dryer. The dryer had an EnerGuide estimate of 416 loads/year; whereas, ENERGY STAR estimates annual usage at 283 loads. This is a significant difference and highlights one of the fundamental benefits of WattDoesItUse. We allow you to calculate your own usage, so that you don’t go off of estimates.

Try it for yourself. Find a device and estimate the daily, monthly, and annual power consumption.

Product Review: Aeotec Smart Socket

There are alternative tools that consumers can use to measure the power consumption on their devices. One such tool is the Aeotec Smart Sockets device. Overall, we find this smart outlet to be a great product for measuring and managing your personal energy consumption.aeotec smart socket

The product works by plugging it into any outlet. From there, the smart outlet has a number of useful features. The one we focused most on is its ability to measure the amount of electricity/money your products are using and then to create a schedule of the best times to charge and unplug your devices.

The Aeotec Smart Socket device also includes the ability to connect with your wifi so that you can track and graph your energy consumption.

This product is extremely helpful for those who use a lot of plus for electronic devices, or want to find ways to lower their energy bills. In addition to the tools from WattDoesItUse.com, we recommend this product for increasing your management of energy consumption.

Have you used the Aeotec Smart Socket device? How does it work for you in context? Let us know is the comments below.  

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