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Month: June 2015

Quick Tips: Electricity Savings in the Heat of Summer

With summer in full swing, the use of Air Conditioning is going to be on the upswing. Don’t let summer heat kill your electricity bill—as highlighted in a previous post, using a smart thermostat will help reduce the use of your Air Conditioner along with providing visibility into your power consumption.

I’d also like to bring attention to another post, that mentioned Swamp Coolers and how they can save energy while decreasing the temperature. Either of these options will help keep you cool while reducing your electricity consumption.

Look Up Power Consumption For Electric Vehicles

Tesla electric car power consumptionNow you can find out with our newest category: Electric Vehicles! You can see the cost of charging your electric vehicle along with additional details, like city MPGe, highway MPGe, and battery range.

Check it out and, as always, if you can’t find a car you have or are interested in, fill out our Request Power Consumption form, and we’ll find it for you.

Save Money And Energy With Real Time Thermostat Data

Our friends at Ecobee have released a smart thermostat – one that uses wifi, remote sensors, and advanced technology to manage your heating/cooling and provide real time data on energy use.

We think this technology is great. It allows utility companies and consumers to have access to current data about each household and business’ exact energy usage so that you can work together to save energy and money.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Plus, the smart thermostat really is smart. It incorporates live local weather into the home or business’ energy profile, and learns to adjust for your weather preferences. The thermostat measures movement, and so can adjust heating/cooling for when people are home (or not). And, users can access apps on smartphone, computer, and now Apple Watch to set the thermostat from anywhere.

Ok, so all of this technology is pretty cool. But why do you need access to real time data about your energy usage? You can’t alter your energy consumption until you know exactly how much energy you or your clients use. Maybe using the air conditioning really spikes your bill, or perhaps you are using too much energy when you’re not even home. Altering your behaviors can save you money, and can save the environment some waste.

You can pair this real time data with the information from WattDoesItUse to extend your savings. Use your estimated power consumption from WattDoesItUse and combine it with the real time data from a product like Ecobee to give yourself a great toolset to maximize your energy and money savings.

The Company With The Best Suction Now Has The Best LED

Dyson LED LampDyson, the creator of one of the best vacuums on the market, recently released an LED that they claim will last 37 years.

They leverage a proprietary design, which directs the heat away from the LED that in turn helps it last longer. This doesn’t come at a cheap price though. It is listed for £399 (~$620). Regardless, it is advancements in technology like this that will continually decrease energy consumption, along with putting product longevity ahead of a cheap alternative. Besides saving energy, we need to also be mindful of electronic waste and focus on developing products that last longer. To calculate the power consumption of this new lamp, head over to the product page.

New WattDoesItUse Feature: Energy Efficient Recommendations

Energy Efficient Product recommendationsWe’ve just released a new feature on WattDoesItUse: Energy Efficient Recommended Products.

When you navigate to any product on the site, you will now see recommendations of other equally or more efficient products. Let us know your thoughts on this new feature and if there are any other areas of the site that you’d like to see enhanced.

5 Ways to Honor World Environment Day

June 5th is World Environment Day (WED). This day is dedicated to increasing awareness around the environment and how you can have a positive impact on it.  The theme for this year’s WED is “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.” Here are a couple of ways that you can have a positive impact on the environment:
World Environment Day

  • Use less electricity
    • This will reduce the amount of fossil fuels used to generate energy
  • Use renewable energy
    • Install solar or wind power at your residence, or buy into a community renewable energy program, like Community Solar.
  • Get rid of energy wasting electronics
    • Find devices that use too much electricity and replace them with more energy efficient devices. Remember to recycle your old devices.
  • Plant trees
    • Trees help the environment in so many ways. Not just with helping to generate oxygen, but also for all of the wildlife that is dependent on them for their livelihood.
  • Carpool and use environment- friendly transportation
    • With the growth of hybrid and electric vehicles, there are a lot of options to commute cleanly.

These are just a few ideas on how to help the environment. You can learn more at http://www.unep.org/wed/

Celebrate International Children’s Day

International Children's DayToday is International Children’s Day, which is celebrated by 47 countries. The United States celebrates on the 2nd Sunday of June. Because children are so important to the future of this planet, we should keep them in mind daily when we make decisions.

To help the youth of the world, make sure you are making smart decisions with how you consume energy. By turning off a light or device, you are directly reducing the carbon output in the atmosphere.  This impacts the air and water that we rely on to live. Take some time today to find devices in your home that you can be smarter about using in order to reduce your overall energy and carbon footprint.

The less you consume, even if you have solar, the more you are contributing back to the grid.  Consuming less reduces the amount that is needed to be generated using fossil fuels. Unless you are completely off the grid, take the time you’re saving and share this information with friends and family.

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